Day 257. “Idlewild South” by The Allman Brothers Band

Just me chillin’ at the beach.

Day 257. “Idlewild South” by The Allman Brothers Band

Another groundbreaking album. This one, from 1970. My friend Melissa introduced me to The Allman Brothers Band. Thank you, Melissa!

The Allman Brothers recorded this album (their second album) while on tour across the United States. Their band manager wanted them to move to New York instead of staying in the South in which their reply was a flip of the bird.

Although this album brought The Allman Brothers more commercial success, it was their live performances that really drew in fans. Incredible musicians with all types of southern influences. Gospel. Country. Blues. It was their ability to improvise and change the music at every show. One of the first commercially recognized “jam bands”.


When I listen to this album, it feels like a concert. Their jam wasn’t lost in this production.

Ps. Track 3 is one of my favorite songs of all time. “Midnight Rider”

Tomorrow: “Tapestry” by Carol King


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