Monday January 30th, 2017 – Concert of a dead musician


Monday January 23rd, 2017 – What type of music do you hate?

I always say, ” I like all kinds of music! “…but truth be told, after listening to a different album every day of the week for an entire year…I figured out that there are definitely some types of music out there that I just can’t listen to for an extended period of time without wanting to bang my head against a brick wall.

There is a new age of rap music that I just can’t get behind at all.

I don’t want to hear any song about thinking a tractor is sexy.

And, I tried with all my might to enjoy the rest of Justin Beiber’s album…and it just doesn’t do it for me.

That is why…I am a blogger, and not a professional journalist/music reviewer. I have no experience to say what is good and what is not good, just what I don’t like…and what I do like. And, I thought it would be fun to hear what other people think as well!

So, I asked some friends to tell me what music they hate:


Anna Flemming is a fellow blogger…much better than me! Check out her awesome travel blog and plan your next excursion!


Monday January 16th, 2017 – Instrumentals


Where do I start? There was a time when I’d fast forward through them, skip them, discredit them. They were actually dissatisfying to me because they had no lyrical element. I’m sure there are some of you find that appalling 😉

Third grade music class, we’ve all put away our recorders after exhausting our last repetitions of “hot cross buns”…the teacher sits us all down to listen to a recording. The recording is of Edvard Grieg’s “Peer Gynt-In The Hall of the Mountain King”.


A story within an instrumental…no lyrics. I realize that is more of a classical example…Still, I sure wish I brought that along with me when judging instrumentals throughout life. Of course, I have much more of an appreciation for them now.


I was sick all week, and did not get a chance to put together any sort of video, or interview anyone 😐 I did have some interesting conversations with people in regards to instrumentals. The general consensus was that I am a crazy person for ever skipping one on an album! Though I know I can’t be the only one out there…

So since this didn’t quite pan out how I wanted it to, I’d like to hear from you…even if it is just one of you reading this… What is your favorite instrumental, and why?



Monday January 9th, 2017 – What was your first album?

I personally sought out on a mission to take three albums from my older sister’s bedroom. The first was Blackhawk’s 1994 Self Titled album. The second was The Wallflowers’ 1996 album titled “Bringing Down the Horse”. The third, and final stolen album (there were actually probably a few more, but for the sense of drama..) was “Mutations” by Beck, 1998. I was 10? Before that I was listening to Tom Chapin’s Family TreeRaffi’s Baby Baluga…and some weird Teddy Bear picnic album that was all about Teddy Bears. (ps…click on the album/song names and you can listen to them on spotify!)

My video editing still needs A-LOT of work, but I had a really fun time hearing about the first album that my friends ever owned/acquired.


First albums:

Patrick- Mortal Kombat Soundtrack

Steve- Destroyer by Kiss (we all wish we could be as cool as Steve)

Kaitin & Jason- Thriller by Michael Jackson (OW!)

Kris- Licensed to Ill by Beastie Boys (Slow and low, that is the tempo!)

Thomas- Bigger & Deffer (BAD) by L.L. Cool J (so oldskool it’s not even on spotify)

Jessika- Tidal by Fiona Apple, Tragic Kingdom by No Doubt or some Fugees album

Marcia- Like a Virgin by Madonna

Alex- The Number of The Beast by Iron Maiden

Meghan- Mad Mad World by Tom Cochrane

Megan- Lit or Savage Garden?


Man…these are some crowd pleasers! Until next Monday… 🙂

Monday January 2nd, 2017 – Music & Dating

A friend’s dating website escapades

Welcome 2017!

For my first entry of the new year I am exploring music & dating. I’ve asked a few friends what comes to mind when they hear the two topics together. Anywhere from young love, awkward dates, and long relationships…everyone has a story relating to music. I know I have plenty of them!

Let’s start with the ever so popular world of online dating! Many dating sites now allow you to attach your own music streaming account so that your potential sweethearts can see what tunes have been bumping out your earbuds recently. Some even allow you to send songs to each other.

What’s a better ice-breaker than sending “I’m Too Sexy” to a new prospect?


Well, you could certainly send someone a rap like the gentleman on my friend’s dating site. Props for the creativity…not for the accusation.

If you’d really like to dive into the musical online dating world, check out this article.


And now for something I’ve never done before…my first (ill-prepared) video blog!


That’s a WRAP!