Monday January 2nd, 2017 – Music & Dating

A friend’s dating website escapades

Welcome 2017!

For my first entry of the new year I am exploring music & dating. I’ve asked a few friends what comes to mind when they hear the two topics together. Anywhere from young love, awkward dates, and long relationships…everyone has a story relating to music. I know I have plenty of them!

Let’s start with the ever so popular world of online dating! Many dating sites now allow you to attach your own music streaming account so that your potential sweethearts can see what tunes have been bumping out your earbuds recently. Some even allow you to send songs to each other.

What’s a better ice-breaker than sending “I’m Too Sexy” to a new prospect?


Well, you could certainly send someone a rap like the gentleman on my friend’s dating site. Props for the creativity…not for the accusation.

If you’d really like to dive into the musical online dating world, check out this article.


And now for something I’ve never done before…my first (ill-prepared) video blog!


That’s a WRAP!


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