In Defense of The Genre by Say Anything

God…I love this band. I’ve had a tough time getting into their newer albums, but I respect their creativity and where they’ve been going. They really have a very distinct style. Max Bemis has this incredible voice that sometimes strangely reminds me of Ben Folds-but he’s got this passion behind it that can only be created by his own experiences…which I assume are much different than those of Ben Folds (not that Ben Folds doesn’t have passion, just different).

“In Defense of The Genre” is such a relatable album. It speaks volumes on mental health and letting go of fear/anger to find love again. I remember going to see Say Anything at House of Blues in San Diego a few years after they released this album. When Max spoke a little about these songs, it made them that much more powerful. They are absolutely incredible live. I’ve seen them perform now a hand full of times, and every time I am so pleased that I went.



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